Setting Moods and Raising Eyebrows

Our Story

Welcome to Regular Ass Candles – where we're anything but regular, and 'basic' is a four-letter word.

You know the drill: You're out shopping, desperate for something that doesn't scream 'bland suburban chic,' and everything's just... meh. Enter our founder, Torreon Meredith, who, like you, craved a candle that wouldn't bore him to tears. So, in a stroke of genius (or maybe just fed up with the mundane), he birthed our candle collection – for those who appreciate a bit of wit with their wick.

Our candles? They don't just sit pretty – they tell stories, honey. They're the narrators of your home, adding layers of sophistication and a touch of snark to your décor. After all, who needs words when you've got scents that can throw shade or raise an eyebrow?

So, for the connoisseurs of all things clever and chic, who understand that a candle can be more than just a source of light, but a beacon of personality – you've found your tribe.