Everygay fragrances for everyday moments.

The Moment Collection

You’ve been the hookup, the vacation bae, the messy ex, the side piece, the best friend, the one true love. Some know you as a drama queen; others, for your heart of gold.

Our signature scents are for everygay you’ve been in life. Because who you are is a collection of moments, and like these candles, every moment is essential, honey.

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Log Cabin Candle, Birch + MuskLog Cabin Candle, Birch + Musk
Spa Retreat Candle, Saffron + CardamomSpa Retreat Candle, Saffron + Cardamom
Joyride Candle, Honeysuckle + SandalwoodJoyride Candle, Honeysuckle + Sandalwood
Lazy Love Candle, Pear + CashmereLazy Love Candle, Pear + Cashmere
On the Rebound Candle, Pomegranate + LavenderOn the Rebound Candle, Pomegranate + Lavender
Solo Holiday Candle, Sage + PatchouliSolo Holiday Candle, Sage + Patchouli
Hazy Nights Candle, Absinthe + IncenseHazy Nights Candle, Absinthe + Incense