Nature called. She said your makeup is terrible.

Plant Queen Collection

Your ex was a rosebush——easy on the eyes, but more work than he was worth. The one before him? A cactus——a dehydrated Texan who was hard to get close to. Then didn’t you date a redwood? That massive ginger who was fun to climb, but a bit of a sap.

You’ve sure got a type, gardener! And botanical bad boys are our thing too, with this collection inspired by the best Daddy Nature has to offer.

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Love in This Shrub Candle, Bergamot + Green TeaLove in This Shrub Candle, Bergamot + Green Tea
Blacker the Berry Candle, Blackberry + MuskBlacker the Berry Candle, Blackberry + Musk
Spilled Tea Candle, Chamomile + LavenderSpilled Tea Candle, Chamomile + Lavender
In the Weeds Candle, Hemp Flower + OrchidIn the Weeds Candle, Hemp Flower + Orchid
Smells Like Roses Candle, Rose + SandalwoodSmells Like Roses Candle, Rose + Sandalwood